Christian Massage
           Taking Back Touch with Holistic, Faith & Bible Based Massage Therapy
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The Why & How of Spirit, Mind & Body Healing

          Welcome to the home of Christian Massage on the internet.  We are a network of professionally trained massage therapists and other health conscience health-care professionals Taking Back Touch as a union of physical and spiritual healing for the mind body and soul (Matthew 22:36-38). 

          As "holistic" bodyworkers, we talk about helping the whole person body, mind & spirit but, for the most part, professional massage training focuses only on the body and on the mind to a much lesser degree.  A rare few programs address spirituality or the incorporation of spiritual practices and healing into daily practice. 

We seek to help remedy that.

This site includes resources for therapists and bodywork consumers.  We offer:

  • Explanations of Common Massage & Bodywork Types
  • A Listing of Christian based Massage Therapists
  • Tools for Building a truly Spiritual Massage Practice
  • Links, Audio & Videos of Relevant Media & Research
  • Forums for Consumers and Therapists to Communicate
We Will Soon be Offering:
  • Spiritual Massage Class Listings for Everyone
  • Prayers and Meditations for Healing

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